Stephen Meredith

Cardiff Council

Enterprise Architect and Smart City Strategy Lead

Cardiff Council
Keeping Cardiff Moving
Keeping Cardiff Moving (Welsh)

Stephen Meredith is an Enterprise Architect at Cardiff County Council and is responsible for over-seeing the Capital’s smart city aspirations. Stephen previously worked at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as a Project Manager where he was responsible for the delivery of a wide range of projects within their Economic Statistics Transformation Programme. He has led and been a key team member on a number of digital transformation projects ranging from assisted living initiatives to the implementation of an alarm receiving centre. He joined Cardiff County Council sixteen months ago and is responsible for working with key stakeholders to design and deliver Cardiff’s Smart City initiatives.

Cardiff has recently developed an ambitious Smart City Roadmap that aims for Cardiff to become an inclusive, sustainable, healthy and productive city that uses technology and data to enhance the lives of the people living, working and visiting the Capital.

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