Tom Passmore


CEO and Co-Founder


Tom has a love of tech, a passion for the waste and resources industry and is a self-confessed waste-data geek. He started his career in waste working as a recycling advisor for West Dorset District Council, then South Derbyshire District Council before a long stint with a private waste management company in Sheffield, primarily dealing with hazardous waste. He’s also worked in the NHS as a business intelligence analyst but thinks waste data is a lot more interesting than health data.

A reluctant entrepreneur with a huge drive to solve problems and try to leave the world a bit better than he found it, Tom came up with the idea for Dsposal whilst on a 9-month cycle tour around North America. He prefers the intellectual challenges and security found in an office job over the freedom of a traveller’s life, but he still thinks that commuting by bike is the best.


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