BetterPoints is the UK’s leading behaviour change company, with cutting-edge habit-changing technology for employee wellbeing, carbon footprint reduction and environmental sustainability. We work with public bodies (CCGs, Local Authorities) and corporate organisations to increase physical activity, promote active and sustainable travel and improve wellbeing. Our solutions fall broadly into three areas:

  • Corporate Sustainability – encompassing a range of initiatives to motivate and reward behaviours that you want to encourage including travelling sustainably, supporting local businesses and charities and community groups. Outcomes include improving air quality, cost-saving and reducing your Carbon Footprint.
  • Environment – motivate employees to actively energy-save, dispose of waste more responsibly and use cars less. Bolster your organisation’s green credentials!
  • Employee Health & Wellbeing – motivate and encourage your employees to be active, physically and/or socially. Outcomes include increased presenteeism, increased physical and mental employee wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Motivate and engage your users via the BetterPoints app, managed in a dedicated portal with data dashboard. The easy-to-use app can track a wide variety of desired behaviours and offers a range of rewards and incentives. Real-time, verified data demonstrates measurable impact.

Our website gives more detail on both our approach and our success. There you can watch a short BBC video about Bella Mossa, which was powered by BetterPoints, learn more about our award-winning technology and see what our partners say about us.

Our solutions give you:

  • Healthier people
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Fewer car journeys
  • Less demand for parking
  • Increased travel efficiency
  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced CSR

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