Driving Innovation through Sustainability: TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2022 Retrospective


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Clearview Intelligence is a data and technology company with offices in Glasgow, Ayr and Milton Keynes. They work with transport authorities and operators including Transport Scotland, National Highways, Amey, Bear and several local authorities. Having invented the world’s first automatic traffic counter, innovation has always been at the heart of the business. However, “not all innovations see the light of day”, says Head of Sustainability and Client Strategy Kelly Morris, “and some, whilst great ideas, weren’t always relevant to what we do”.

Clearview’s on-going mission is to make a significant contribution to the goal of zero fatalities and injuries on both roads and active travel networks. They also aim to achieve Net Zero across their business operations by 2025 and across their entire value chain by 2030.

Kelly joined us at TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2022 to talk about the development of Clearview’s sustainability strategy and how it offered some unexpected benefits, providing clarity of purpose, and focusing their approach to innovation. She also shared how Clearview is using data and technology to make road and active travel networks, safer, smarter and more sustainable. For the subsequent roundtable discussions, Kelly was accompanied by Chris Keenan, Clearview’s Director of Business, Scotland.

Kelly’s case study based presentation covered:

  • Highlights & Challenges – NetZero by 2050 is not possible…..(for SMEs); “We love EVs but it’s complicated…”; Scotland IS Digital Technology Awards: Carbon Champion 2022; Phased approach vs All in Shift in mindset/approach to innovation; If it’s not Vision Zero & Net Zero – it’s not innovation;
  • Sustainable Innovation: Deploying SolarLites (Active Road Studs) on UK roads to improve visibility, improves decision-making time, reduce erratic driving behaviour and reduce night time accidents; Solar powered v mains powered environmental benefits; Saving 49 tonnes CO2 equivalent by relocating manufacturing from Malaysia to UK and modifying materials and processes; Testing a circular economy design to reduce waste from natural resources;
  • Sustainable Innovation: A46 Smart Renewables Scheme – This innovative scheme from Kier and National Highways is designed to capture renewable energy to power roadside technology and mobile communications. Scheme comprises: renewable energy towers + data collection sensors + CCTV + data analytics + data management/reporting platform. Clearview hardware technology is deployed and their Insight Smart Mobility platform provides the management, monitoring and analytics system for the scheme.
  • Insight Smart Mobility Platform – Operators are using Insight to monitor and receive alerts on: Count and classification of vehicles, wrong way vehicles, stopped vehicles, queuing traffic, pedestrian activity/alerts Journey Times (including journey time alerts); Count and classification of active travel (pedestrians, cyclists etc); Low powered Variable Message Signs with full management support including pictograms; Integrated CCTV to enable visual inspection of events highlighted by alerts; Status of technology assets, communications and faults; Renewable energy towers power consumption and performance; Road conditions (Snow, Ice, Surface Water, Flooding etc); Air Quality (6 Gases, Humidity and Particulate). Discussions with local authorities to utilize Insight to achieve Net Zero and Vision Zero goals across regions;
  • Sustainable Innovation – Using existing technology to: Reduce speed of vehicles to achieve safety outcomes & lower carbon emissions; Monitor road conditions to achieve accident reduction and mitigate climate impacts i.e. flooding; Monitor air quality vs vehicle & active travel to influence/report modal shift; Monitor active travel activity to identify safety issues/requirements; Monitor pedestrian/road activity to control/remove street lighting reducing emissions/light pollution.
  • Sustainable Innovation – Developing Insight Smart Mobility platform to accommodate all data in one system; Hardware materials – reducing waste/emissions via reuse;
  • What data gaps do you have on your road and active travel networks?
  • Pilot projects – Getting involved.

If you meet our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us at Citation, Glasgow, for the live in-person event on December 7th, CLICK HERE and complete the short “Download form” (located at the bottom of the post) to receive a unique link enabling free access to the presentation video recordings and slides (including the film footage and slides from Kelly’s initial presentation).

Those qualifying to receive the rich presentation content from this event include commissioning, procurement, trialling, partnering and policy leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers and planners from local authorities (e.g. city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils); public transport operators; regional transport partnerships, sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; highways authorities and road operators; government and supporting national transport agencies; fleet operators, parking operators, prime contractors etc.

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, Scotland 2022

On December 7th we will be casting a spotlight over Scotland, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by the city-regions of Glasgow & Clyde Valley, Edinburgh & South East Scotland, Stirling, Tay, Aberdeen, Inverness & Highlands, and beyond.


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