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On April 3rd we hosted WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Class 2024 at Greencoat Place Conference Centre, London. This Smart Class provided a fresh take on deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies, policies and best practices to manage the distribution and management of water resources across our cities and regions, and help utilities and authorities to improve efficiency and service, whilst reducing water scarcity and supporting the drive towards a net zero future.

As usual, our videographer captured the keynotes and innovator presentations on film for additional stakeholders to enjoy post-event!

If you meet our regular delegate qualification criteria but were unable to join us on the day, just complete the “Download form” at the bottom of this page and we’ll give you complimentary access to the presentation video recordings and slides.

Our inspirational speakers included: Anglian Water’s Head of Smart Water, Andy Smith, and Strategic Innovation and Shop Window Lead, Fionn Boyle; Anna Hastings, Innovative Flood Resilience Project Manager at East Sussex County Council and Blue Heart Project Manager; Dr Chris Sweetapple, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter’s Centre for Water Systems and Blue Heart Telemetry Expert; Ofwat’s Innovation Fund Principal, Marc Hannis; Joe Hitchman (Associate) and Swetha Gunasekaran (Senior Urban Designer) from Project Centre (part of Marston Holdings); Hannah Winstanley, UK General Manager and Country Lead at Brightly (a Siemens Company); and Our Rainwater’s Co-Founder & COO, Dr Sarah Bunney.

The Smart Class also featured thought provoking Q&As and engaging roundtable sessions hosted by the innovator teams which, in addition to the speakers, included the expert contributions of Project Centre’s Principal Landscape Architect, Robert Park, and Brightly’s Steve Harris (Solutions Manager) and Daniel Mills (Account Director). Further networking was facilitated over breakfast, drinks and a cooked lunch.

There was invaluable delegate input into these discussions on behalf of key stakeholders such as Affinity Water, Anglian Water Services, SES Water, Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), The Environment Agency, Ofwat, Water UK, BIM4Water, British Water, Blue Heart, East Sussex County Council, Greater London Authority (GLA), Hertfordshire County Council, Westminster City Council, Arup, Dayworth Consulting, Jacobs, Ridge and Partners, Turner & Townsend, Centre for Water Systems/University of Exeter, Horizon Energy Infrastructure, and more!


Topic highlights included:

  • What is a smart water system?
  • Scaling smart – Anglian Water’s journey in smart water systems and collaborative innovation;
  • Macro challenges and the need for resilience;
  • Unique challenges in Eastern England and 25 year plan to enable social and environmental prosperity for the region;  
  • AMP5-AMP7 smart water journey – e.g. pressure management pilots, optimised water networks, AI and machine learning trials, condition based monitoring, climate vulnerability study, WISPA model and predictive tool etc – and impact;
  • Safe smart systems – Unlocking the steps to autonomous control in water systems;
  • Shop window – An enterprise incubator framework;
  • Improving flood resilience in urban neighbourhoods through small interventions;
  • What are sustainable drainage systems and how can SuDs and urban landscape design mitigate flood risks at a local level?
  • Opportunities to integrate rain gardens into the public realm;
  • Making use of highways schemes and LTNs to maximise the benefits of SuDs – LB Newham case study;
  • Why is community engagement, stakeholder collaboration and a holistic approach crucial for successful flood resilience?
  • The Environment Agency’s flood and coastal resilience innovation programme (FCRIP);
  • Improving understanding of the catchment;
  • Achieving a dynamic network system – Installing a real time telemetry and warning system that enables monitoring of water levels; creating an integrated flood risk management platform and enhanced flood warning and alert service; Installing real time control devices etc;
  • Applying the smart stormwater management wheel in a local authority setting;
  • Blue Heart project – Deploying a network of sensors for Eastbourne and southern Wealden to create a digital twin for informing asset management, flood warnings, mitigating flood risk and real time control of water systems;

  • Intelligent asset management – Combining the real and digital world to act flexibly and sustainably; 
  • Smart drainage – Using AI, rainfall forecasts and weather predictions to identify potential blockages in gullies and drainage networks and to discover where damage or blockages already exist;  
  • Creating a carbon footprint baseline per activity and a carbon reduction plan; 
  • Looking forward to AMP8 and the challenge ahead – Reducing leakage, carbon emissions, spills from storm overflows and phosphorus from treated wastewater; Supporting a culture of knowledge transfer; Facilitating collaboration and cross-sector working;  
  • Ofwat innovation fund in AMP8 – Growing in size and growing in ambition; 
  • Competitions – The Ofwat water breakthrough and discovery challenges; Reflections and lessons learnt; 
  • Ofwat funded projects to date:
  • Net Zero Hub – Upgrading a large, carbon intensive wastewater treatment plant into the world’s first Net-Zero site (led by Severn Trent Water);
  • Stream – Unlocking the potential of water data by putting in place technology and processes to remove the barriers to opening up and sharing water company data (led by Northumbrian Water);
  • Managing Background Leakage – To redefine the detectable limit of leakage to help pinpoint and repair hidden leaks (led by Welsh Water);
  • Triple Carbon Reduction – Using novel technologies to target a step change reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and electricity use in used water treatment and provide a new renewable energy source through green hydrogen production (led by Anglian Water);
  • Mainstreaming Nature-Based Solutions (led by United Utilities);
  • National Leakage Research Test Centre – Developing a 5km buried water pipe network for testing inventions without disrupting customers’ supplies or affecting water quality (led by Northumbrian Water);
  • Water Net Gain – A catchment-scale approach using smart ponds and lakes for farm demand management or active release flows during droughts (led by South West Water); 

  • Why is rainwater management key to achieving a reduction in sewer discharges, reducing flood risk and improving water scarcity to ensure a healthy environment?
  • Leveraging data-driven approaches and advanced analytics to gain actionable customer insights; 
  • Empowering communities in urban rainwater management; 
  • How can digital tools enable the validation of the effectiveness of stormwater management initiatives, ensuring measurable impact and regulatory compliance?
  • Using technology as a bridge between water companies, local authorities and communities etc   

Those qualifying to receive the presentation videos and rich media content from this event include commissioning, procurement, innovation, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers, strategic decision makers, environmental managers, policy makers and planners from UK water companies and utilities, wastewater and sewer operators, lead local flood authorities (unitary authorities and county councils), city/borough/metropolitan councils, district councils, combined authorities, highways authorities, prime contractors, general insurers, large water consumers, central governmental and regulatory bodies (e.g. Defra, DCLG, Ofwat, Environment Agency, DWI, SEPA), independent industry and consumer organisations (e.g. Water UK, CCW) etc.

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WATER MANAGEMENT Smart Classes show key buyer side stakeholders how deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices can help manage the distribution and management of water resources, and also offers utilities an opportunity to improve efficiency and customer service whilst reducing water scarcity and supporting the drive towards a net zero future.


   London, UK

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