Dr David McArthur

The Urban Big Data Centre

Lecturer in Transport Studies, University of Glasgow

The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC)

David McArthur is Lecturer in Transport Studies, and is based in the Urban Big Data Centre (part of the Urban Studies subject group). He has a background in economics and works mainly within the field of regional science with a focus on transport. His research interests are:

• The use of new and novel forms of data in urban analysis
• Big data
• Modelling the wider impacts of transportation infrastructure
• Accessibility analysis
• Spatial interaction modelling

Funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, the Urban Big Data Centre is a unique facility that brings together the expertise of urban social scientists, data scientists, and statisticians from the University of Glasgow and seven partner universities. The UBDC supports researchers, policymakers, businesses, third sector organisations, and everyday citizens to harness the potential of big data to develop solutions for environmentally sustainable, economically resilient, and socially just cities.

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