Imperial is the UK’s largest and most experienced provider of parking, environmental and traffic management systems.

With over thirty years’ experience, Imperial provides fully-integrated business processing and IT solutions to public authorities, universities, hospitals and private enforcement contractors right across the country.

With award-winning services, utilisation of proven, yet leading-edge, technology, Imperial now has the UK’s largest client portfolio in civil enforcement.

We bring an unrivalled combination of sector insight, technology skills and the experience of a number of successful service partnerships; undoubtedly providing the capacity, experience and expertise needed to deliver integrated enforcement solutions.

Imperial is an information systems provider with specialist knowledge of parking and a proven track record of developing business-critical systems for major public and private sector organisations.

Imperial was established in 1988 as a provider of systems integration, implementation and software bespoke services to the corporate sector. The company was started by staff from Imperial Tobacco after Hanson Trust took over and significantly restructured it; the company retains a heritage of a formal approach to development and quality from its ‘big company’ origins.

Imperial provided IT services to Hanson for a number of years, assisting with IT reorganisations in a number of subsequent acquisitions such as Mothercare, Habitat and ARC. Other prominent large customers with whom Imperial worked at board level included BET (now Rentokil Initial) and NCP, in whose preparation for sale Imperial was instrumental.

In October 2003 Imperial acquired Langdale Systems, a leading parking software provider then owned by NCP, who benefited substantially from the full development resources and considerable expertise of Imperial in software development and systems integration technologies ranging from IBM 400 to Oracle to Microsoft SQL and Visual Basic.

This development programme was given further impetus following the acquisition of another prominent parking software provider, Compex Development & Marketing, from Vinci Park UK in December 2006.

On 1st November 2009 Imperial Business Systems became a non-trading holding company as Imperial, Langdale and Compex formally merged. The collective client portfolio of Langdale and Compex gave the newly-formed company market-leading status.

Being part of the Imperial Business Systems Group continues to mean that all clients benefit from a stable and successful resource dedicated to the development and application of enforcement technology. The company’s established team of system engineers has pioneered recent advances in parking enforcement technology as a direct result of its close client and e-Government partnerships and its progressive User Group. These ongoing developments are supported by stringent management disciplines, a full range of application support services and an overriding commitment to meet the evolving priorities and operational requirements of each client, as well as periodic changes in traffic management legislation. The software allows for easy integration with third-party products, technologies and interfaces to support the Government’s joined-up approach.


Imperial offers an unparalleled range of civil enforcement services designed to help you maximise efficiencies and optimise existing resources.

Whether you require an end-to-end notice processing service or simply need training and support to improve operational performance, our thirty years of experience in the parking industry ensures that you will receive the best possible solution to meet your requirements.

All of our services meet stringent and industry-leading quality and performance criteria and are underpinned by high-level Service Level Agreements to ensure the highest standards of service at all times.


Driven by a passion for parking and cutting-edge software technologies, we have developed a suite of parking software products that seamlessly integrate together to provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your processes and introduce significant cost savings:

  • Mobile EnforcementRialto is our innovative Parking Charge Notice (PCN) issuing software – created to provide a user-friendly experience and to simplify the enforcement process. It is available on the Samsung range of smartphones.
  • Management Information – Powercube opens up a whole new dimension in parking management. It is an incredibly powerful and flexible means of obtaining management information from the back-office notice processing and permit systems, allowing you to create your own reports and use your data intelligently to identify trends and solve problems.
  • Fixed Penalty Enforcement – As we all work to keep our neighbourhoods greener, cleaner and safer, the number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued by local authorities has increased. 3sixty Environmental provides the perfect solution to managing your environmental FPNs. We offer an end-to-end FPN processing system that automatically manages the entire process from the issuing of a notice on a handheld computer, through to the back office, progression through the relevant path and to payment, prosecution or subsequent debt recovery.
  • GPS Mapping – GeoSmarti is our real-time monitoring software for handheld computers that allows you to take control of patrolling officer beats, and enables you to make better decisions and improve customer service. Designed to provide real-time geovisualisation of your traffic strategy, GeoSmarti is the ultimate management tool for senior members of staff. Real-time location updates – patrolling officer position, PCNs issued, etc. – are displayed on the map. The solution will aid your ‘Duty of Care’ responsibilities while providing an in-depth enforcement management tool.
  • Letter Writing – LetterSmarti is the intelligent letter-writing module for Imperial notice processing software. Fully integrated with the back-office database, LetterSmarti creates quick and efficient intricate responses based on legislation and operational policies by combining templates with decision making.
  • Cashless Parking – PaySmarti is the new cashless parking module from Imperial. It allows motorists to pay for parking via the web, using smartphone app, phone or computer. PaySmarti integrates seamlessly with 3sixty and PermitSmarti, providing Imperial customers with a comprehensive, end-to-end and real-time solution for parking and permits.
  • Mobile ANPR – ScanSmarti allows you to harness the latest mobile ANPR technology at the touch of a button and to transform efficiencies across your entire parking operation. ScanSmarti enables complete streets and car parks to be scanned by a patrolling Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) or Parking Attendant without the need to break a stride or to enter registration numbers manually or individually – significantly speeding up the enforcement process.
  • E-Visitor Permits – VoucherSmarti is the new virtual visitor permit module from Imperial. It is designed for use in conjunction with our permit processing solution, PermitSmarti, or can be used as a standalone module. VoucherSmarti allows drivers to apply for visitor permits online via our web portal which is set up with the look and feel of your own website. All permits are processed in real-time and the handheld computers of enforcement officers are updated instantaneously.
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