Announcing TfN, TfGM and Leeds City Council Keynotes at TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019


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We’re delighted to confirm our keynote speakers, along with their presentation topics, for TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019, which we’re hosting at ODI Leeds on Thursday June 20th:

1. “Improving the Public Transport Customer Proposition with Smarter Data” – Last year, DfTs Bus Open Data programme consulted on its proposal to make the provision of bus fare data in an open way compulsory. While the industry eagerly awaits the outcome of that, Transport for the North, as this keynote from Richard Mason will show, are already cracking on with their plans to revolutionise the provision of fares information in the North of England. TfN hopes to set the industry standard and are actually developing a Fares Data Build Tool in partnership with both the DfT and Traveline. It will be delivered first in the North, with potential to scale it nationally. Importantly, TfNs scope is more than just bus. Fares data needs to be simple and transparent across all modes of public transport – tram, light rail, ferry and bus. TfN’s proposed tool will standardise all public transport data into the NeTEx format – the European technical standard for exchanging public transport information. The tool will then work in tandem with TfN’s Open Data Hub to make the information deliverable to passengers. In layman’s terms, this will help make multi-operator fares information more easily shareable, accessible and understandable for passengers in the North.

2. “Developing an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Network” – As new plug-in vehicle electric sales continue to climb and the 2nd hard market for EVs begins to stabilise, alongside an increasing choice of plug-in vehicles with discounted and/or attractive leasing options and an expected price parity with ICE in the next few years, there is a pressing need to ensure that suitable charging infrastructure is provided to meet expected increasing demand. Key to this is ensuring that the right locations and technology are selected, that the supply of infrastructure is carefully managed (from a cost management perspective) and that scalability and flexibility can be accommodated to support the EV market. This keynote presentation from Kevin Toye will describe TfGM’s approach to developing a regional charging infrastructure, providing insight and lessons learnt when moving from a first generation system to a modernised network, and how the tenets of innovation and future-proofing are essential when planning and delivering a charging network.

3. “Using Smart Roads to Keep Leeds Moving”Stephen Blackburn will kick-off this keynote with an introduction to Leeds City Council’s smart cities programme, Smart Leeds, which includes the three priority areas of health, housing and transport. As the largest city in Western Europe without a mass transit system and with just one central railway station, commuters still rely heavily on buses and cars to get around, and like many major cities, Leeds is experiencing increasing problems with congestion and pollution. Joel Dodsworth will then outline what Leeds City Council is doing to address these issues by using new technology in areas such as the city’s new Clean Air Zone and how it is involved in a new regional UTMC programme to improve traffic flows across West Yorkshire.

TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019 will show key buyer side stakeholders how they can deploy the latest digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies and best practices to help overcome transport and mobility challenges (e.g. around congestion, traffic flows, air pollution and emissions, noise, first and last mile mobility, customer experience, cost effectiveness, connecting transport networks, managing and maintaining assets & infrastructure) faced by burgeoning smart city-regions of the Northern Powerhouse and beyond.

In addition to our inspirational keynotes, this Smart Class will feature: Up to 5 rapid fire innovator presentations from leading smart transport technology experts, each representing a priority topic/field of digital innovation or application (innovator speakers already confirmed from Clearview Intelligence, Imperial, Videalert and Vivacity Labs); Deeper-dive roundtable consultations with speakers and senior stakeholders to hone delegates’ smart strategies and help address some of their specific transport and mobility challenges; Further networking opportunities with peers and pioneers over breakfast, drinks and hot lunch buffet, all at no charge! TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019 has been selected as an official event for Digital Leaders Week, the most inspirational week in the UK Digital Transformation calendar!

Qualifying delegates include commissioning, procurement, trialling and partnering leads, senior influencers and strategic decision makers from progressive city, borough, metropolitan, district and county councils; public and private transport operators/service providers; sub-regional transport bodies, combined authorities, integrated transport authorities and passenger transport executives; DfT and supporting national transport agencies; fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, parking operators, prime contractors etc. NB. Spaces are limited and priority is being given to applications from North of England and Northern Powerhouse buyer-side stakeholders. Those with relevant credentials can Register here for a free place and join us for what promises to be a truly insightful half-day (8.30am-1.30pm)!

If you’re a Smart Transport innovator, or if your company sources or advises on digital technology-enabled solutions, data-driven strategies or best practices that can play a key role in helping our delegates tackle their transport and mobility challenges, it’s possible to participate at TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019 as an “Innovation Sponsor” (last slot remaining):

Core themes at TRANSPORT Smart Classes range from on-demand transport and MaaS applications, predictive traffic management, journey-time monitoring, smart parking and enforcing CAZs and LEZs, to analysing people movements, new ways of visualising data, connected and autonomous vehicles, intelligent street lighting, real-time transport modelling, and smart ticketing and fare collection. Check out our testimonials and feedback page or take a look at the “Retrospectives Round-Ups” from our London & South East England 2018, Scotland 2018, North of England 2018, South West England & Wales 2018 and Midlands 2019 TRANSPORT Smart Classes!

Delegate places (subject to qualification) and innovation sponsorship packages are also currently available for:

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NB. In addition to further TRANSPORT, WASTE MANAGEMENT and WATER MANAGEMENT editions, next year’s schedule should also feature our next ENERGY Smart Class, a HEALTH & ASSISTED LIVING edition and – following last month’s EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY Smart Class 2019 – a 2020 EMISSIONS & AIR QUALITY edition!

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TRANSPORT Smart Class, North of England 2019

On June 20th we will be casting a spotlight over the North of England, hosting our speakers discussions on how the latest digital innovations can help overcome the transport and mobility challenges faced by city-regions of the Northern Powerhouse and beyond.


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