Anna Herriman


Senior Partnership Manager


Anna Herriman is the Senior Partnership Manager at SEStran, the Regional Transport Partnership for the South East of Scotland.

In her role, Anna oversees the development of the Partnership’s strategies and a wide range of transport projects. She has successfully worked with local authorities and national organisations to strengthen links and partnership approaches that underpin the Regional Transport Strategy. Anna believes that collaborative working is essential to address the transport challenges that the region faces, to deliver sustainable, co-ordinated and accessible mobility for all.

Prior to moving to SEStran in 2019, Anna worked for City of Edinburgh Council. After spending her early career working in urban regeneration and local community planning roles, Anna moved into transport in 2012, when she was asked to lead on a project to redesign Leith Walk in 2012. By involving community input and introducing a multi-disciplinary approach to design development, Anna delivered a major active travel transformation project on a key arterial route. Following this, Anna took on the City Centre Programme Manager role, leading on the redesign of George Street and creating a major, funded transformation project within the heart of Edinburgh’s Unesco World Heritage Site, where she continued to advocate for the role of transport as a great enabler, functioning best in a deeply interdisciplinary context.

Anna believes that the focus for the future of transport is around supporting positive behaviour changes, which requires putting user perspectives at the centre of designing solutions.

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