Jim Stewart


Strategy Manager


Jim Stewart is the Strategy Manager at SEStran, the Regional Transport Partnership for the South East of Scotland, since 2019.

In his role, Jim oversees the development and delivery of the new SEStran Regional Transport Strategy and supports on a wide range of other transport projects. Jim has worked in Roads and Transportation with both the former Lothian Regional Council and latterly with West Lothian Council, before moving to SEStran in early 2019. Jim has experience in many different areas of local authority road and transportation functions but most recently focussed on Development Management and working collaboratively with local and strategic planning partners, supporting the development of Strategic Development and Local Development plans.

Development of the Regional Transport Strategy has involved working with partners and engaging with public and other stakeholders to enable a focussed set of mobility themes to be developed to take forward sustainable active transport within the SEStran area.

The changes in travel behaviours resulting from new evolving work patterns and the national policy focus on place makes the delivery of efficient transport more challenging than ever. However, without viable and easy to use alternatives in place behaviour change will remain a key challenge to reducing unsustainable transport behaviours.

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