Founded in 2004, Videalert is part of Marston Holdings, the UK’s largest transportation and enforcement services group. It is also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions.

The company’s principal focus is the provision of digital traffic solutions that deliver the highest productivity at the lowest operational cost in five key areas:

  • Civil Traffic Enforcement
  • School Safety
  • Police ANPR
  • Traffic and Parking Management
  • Clean Air and Low Emission Zones

Videalert’s digital video platform is fully DfT certified and supports unattended, manually operated and mobile CCTV deployments. The company is the UK’s only supplier with the ability to provide a full suite of CCTV traffic and parking management solutions comprising attended, unattended and mobile using the same intelligent platform.

Clean Air Zones
Videalert has added the management and enforcement of Clean Air and Low Emission Zones to its hosted digital video platform. This provides councils with a cost effective way to improve air quality and meet EU directives to reduce pollution from toxic gases, such as nitrogen dioxide. Videalert systems provide real-time identification including vehicle make, model, colour and euro standard rating for pre-filtering and updating the whitelist of compliant vehicles held at the edge to minimise transmission costs.

Information on non-compliant vehicles will then interface with the UK government’s new national clean air zone database for validation and payment or alternative permit payment system. Detailed analytics and impact analysis are also provided to highlight the reduction in non-compliant vehicles entering the zone over time.

Mobile Enforcement Vehicles (MEVs)
Videalert offers the widest range of multi-purpose MEVs, including both cars and bikes, with options for hybrid and fully electric as well as traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. They are equipped with ONVIF-compliant HD cameras that deliver superior capture rates of up to 98% with just a single pass at normal road speeds. These MEVs enable councils to enforce a wide range of moving traffic, parking and clean air zone contraventions whilst demonstrating their commitment to reducing emissions, particularly when using electric variants.

An MEV refit service is also available to cost effectively extend the operational life of existing assets. This service enables councils using older TES and SEA vehicles to replace legacy analogue technology with digital HD cameras to drive significant increases in productivity and efficiency.

Hosted Solutions
Videalert provides hosted solutions that allow the latest digital CCTV enforcement systems to be quickly and easily deployed without capital expenditure. They include CCTV Enforcement as a Service (CEaaS) enabling CCTV traffic services to be purchased on demand with installations taking place in weeks rather than months with no involvement from internal IT departments.

Data Sharing
Videalert’s DVP is designed to intelligently capture and process video in a variety of formats and present/distribute the information to wherever it is needed. The open platform approach makes data sharing and the “Smart City” a reality. For example, vehicle plate read data can be simultaneously disseminated to:

  • Police ANPR databases (BOFII and the latest Metropolitan Police Service database standard) for detecting “black listed” vehicles
  • Traffic management systems (UTMC) for journey time information and congestion smoothing
  • CSV data to car park operators
  • Community safety initiatives to reduce fly-tipping and anti-social behavior

Flexible Commercial Models
Videalert provides a flexible range of commercial models to improve efficiency, increase income and deliver greater control over costs. They include:

  • A fully hosted managed service – CCTV Enforcement as a Service (CEaaS)
  • Hybrid with outstation equipment purchased by client and hosting provided by Videalert(CEaaS)
  • Zero capital expenditure with fixed fee cost recovery for PCNs processed
  • Monthly lease rental fee per location/MEV
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