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Vortex IoT builds sensors and networks for harsh environments where conditions are hostile, power supply is limited, AI is needed and data security is critical. By embracing new technologies Vortex offers tailored solutions for delivering cost effective deployments and evidence based interventions to asset, device and resource management that will enrich any organisation’s decision or command & control solution and capabilities. Vortex’s IPR and innovations include a blend of intuitive cloud and fog-based systems, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain security combined with bespoke IoT sensor design capabilities. Vortex IoT combines cloud capabilities with business intelligence and bespoke design of low-power wireless sensor networks to deliver step change enablement to operations management.

Within a year of trading, Vortex had raised £750k of equity funding, including £250k from the Development Bank of Wales, and secured more than £1.5m of Innovate UK projects. It has already registered three trademarks and holds six patents pending covering products.

Vortex has 15 full-time staff and has grown its Swansea office space to 2,500 sq ft and commissioned a Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.

With an office having also opened in Singapore, some of Vortex IoT’s work includes sensor solutions for airport gateway services, air quality monitoring, smart parking, and the detection of obstructions and intrusions for rail infrastructure.

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Managing Director and Co-founder
Director of Technology and Innovation

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